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Holy sweet potatoes, y'all. Check out the description on this Leia costume. WTF Galactic Alliance? Who wrote this?!... besides a diehard fanboy. I MUST KNOW THEM PERSONALLY!!!

Yeah, I'm still laughing.

EDIT: So maybe the company's employee roster isn't completely filled with nerds. How did I figure that out? They suggest that the Supergirl and Superman costumes would be good for couples. I dunno about y'all, but that kinda squicks me out a little... seeing as how their, like, kinda cousins or something and she's way younger than him and he has Louis anyways, just ewww, no please.

I swear I'm going to do my homework now and go to class. I really am.
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I fully recognize both the fact that I have every right to be pissed, and the fact that cutting drunkards a little leeway is a decent thing to do. So I'm going to be generous: they can have until 4 am. If the music isn't off after that, I'm calling the cops.

And yes, I did ask already, in some approximation of "nice". They woke me up coming home from the bar. I don't need to be too pleasant.
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Two dreams:

1) (Rachel, this is all your fault!) Myself and a few friends from high school were breaking into a gigantic house where there was a Spung colony. We were going to rescue someone, but we discovered they were hatching new Paris Hilton's out of eggs in the basement and decided that stopping that plot was more important.

2) There was a medieval-style tournament going on, and the people competing were the Gaang and William Wallace and all his Scots. (The Gaang won).
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The two best pictures of this Halloween. The first is of myself and Megan as the Black Canary and the Mad Hatter, respectively. Unfortunately, it's the only picture we managed to take that whole evening, and it's blurry. Go fig. We still look awesome. The second is my pumpkin! :) Aside from these two images, the night was awful, but damn if I didn't have fun being cat-called by passing cars on the TWO MILE TREK I made in those heels.

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Update: Halloween - So it's official. We're all going to be DC superheroes/villains. In addition to my Black Canary, Ray will be the Joker, Joseph will be Ra's al'Ghul, Julia will be Batgirl (one more chick and we could have the entire cast of Birds of Prey!) and Al will be - I mention with a fangirlish sigh - the Green Arrow. Guys - not only will there be awesome Halloween pictures, there will be awesome SHIPPY Halloween pictures. Sadly, though, there will be no drunken make-outs, because I just found out one of my friends has been crushing on him for quite some time and thus he is off limits. I've warned her I will be all over him, though, and she has agreed that it's for a worthy cause.
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Is it bad that, after writing a paper about the prevalence of violence against women in comic books, I now want to be a brutally murdered and frost-bitten Black Canary for Halloween after I magically lose at LEAST 15 lbs?

See Women in Refrigerators for more information...

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