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Jul. 21st, 2009 04:45 pm
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So, um... I'm alive. Kinda.

Took my week off and most of one of my paychecks and went to Otakon. Except for the 22 hours each way in the car (all of which I drove), it was pretty awesome. Met up with [profile] tehlobster and [ profile] aerodactylus, spent most of my money on gifts for other people, slept way too little, stood in way too many lines, ate terribly, and enjoyed myself immensely. 

I get to go back to work tomorrow. Yippee. My 23rd birthday is in a week.

My new medication is making my lips and nose so chapped that they're cracking, no matter how much aquaphor I apply, and my skin is so sensitive to sunlight that my left arm is burnt from driving back. I had to wear a sweater in the car but it occurred to me too late to save my arm. This had better be freaking worth it.
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First of all, thanks to everyone who gave their congrats! We're so happy to have him with us, and I'm so happy that, you know, y'all actually seem to care a little. ;P

So this is how things went down... )

On a completely different note WoT, blood work, regular work, and booze. )
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The Good: halfway through finals

The Bad:
three more finals to go

The Ugly:
never heard back from that family

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Today at 3:00pm I met the mother and father, and the two little girls that I might babysit this summer. The girls asked me questions (things like do I have any siblings, do I like dogs and horseback riding), and then I sat and talked with the parents about the things they would expect of me, what their girls are like, what problems I might expect, and they asked me how I thought I'd react, what kind of experience I have watching children, etc. etc. One of their daughters has Asperger's Syndrome, and since my own little sister has NLD, I've got a lot of experience dealing with the kind of problems I might encounter with their darling little girl. Both the kids are absolutely precious, and seemed to like me well enough, so add in my personal experience with high-functioning special needs kids, and I think I've got a real good chance.

So all in all, it went well. I'm cautiously confident.

They're making their decision tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

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