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You know you watch too much Avatar when...

When you dream about taking Fire Lord Zuko and his girlfriend to the Albuquerque Zoo, only to lose them and then leave said zoo in a rush because it's going to explode. And you might have misplaced a child too.

I didn't bother telling anyone because I didn't think it was going to play out AT ALL, but I'm off to San Antonio to visit Travis with Chelsea, Adam and possibly Emma. Should be lots of fun. I've haven't been on the Riverwalk since before I was old enough to drink legally, in bars. Lots and lots of fun...

EDIT: Somewhere between the kitchen table and car, I lost my red patent-leather headband (yes, I wear red patent-leather headbands). I cannot for the life of me figure out where the fuck it is. Frick. If any of you know, please clue me in.

reEDIT: And now I've spilled juice on the lower right-hand corner of my keyboard and the down arrow key is sticking. And sometimes not working. And generally being really wonky. Double frick.
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In a little less than 36 hours, I'll get to see Repo! The Genetic Opera. If you guys haven't heard of this before, or seen the trailer: Click. The. Link. I'm begging you.

Amanda and I are taking off for Austin when I get out of work at 8. I'll be in Dallas by 9, which should get us to Austin a little before 1 AM. We'll have a nice sleep, get some late lunch, enjoy the town, go back to the hotel, get dressed up, and go to out own special midnight showing of Repo! at the Alamo Draft House for Fantastic Fest 2008. We'll go out to 6th st after the movie, party it up, get back to the hotel AGAIN, pour ourselves into bed, and hit the road for home when we get up Saturday morning. It's going to be a rocking weekend.

Wish us safe travels! And don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone *coughRachelcough*!

UPDATE: Went to bed at 2:20ish. Got to SLEEP at 7:10ish because I forgot my pillow and had had 2 energy drinks past 10 PM. Never. Ever. Again. I watched the clock for almost 5 hours.

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So I've returned from my three-day visit to the ass end of nowhere, aka Odessa, Tx. I made the drive all by myself. All six hours of it. It was lonely and desolate and beautiful, just like the countryside i was driving through. There were forty mile stretches of nothing but mesquite trees, cactus, and brown brush grass, and most of the time the only thing breaking those stretches was a single gas station. God Bless Texas.

Posted a fic I wrote in ten minutes. Surprise surprise.

For entertainment, Julia and I watched Hellboy (twice, once with cast commentary), took in the first eighteen episodes of S1 of Avatar, went to see Kung Fu Panda, went swimming once, watched seven episodes of Venture Bros., went to eat at Pollo Asado, Thai Palace, Chili's, and a random taco shack, and stayed up late all three nights talking with her sisters Taylor and Dakota. It was useless and relaxing and I loved it even if I was more or less stuck in the ass end of nowhere.
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Day 6, Wednesday: Took the drive out to Plymouth plantation, where they have a recreation of a Wompanoag village and the 1623 Plimoth colony. The Wompanoag village fet very homey and natural: all of the reenactors were cooking or doing some sort of handiwork - basket-weaving, or stringing beads - and one of the women was especially talkative. She spoke at length on family life and the structure of the home as well as the hierarchy (what little of it there was) in the Wompanoag nation, while her sven month-old son slept on the fur-covered bench beside her. The Plimoth Colonists' village seemed more like... capitalism in its early stages than a real home, even if the two or three people I spoke with were very interesting. There was a man speaking on how the "eye-talians" were quick-witted but weak-bodied, brought on by the warm weather which, I think he said, "melts the tallow in their arms and backsides, rendering them useless - whereas if you get a good highlander, a McGregor or a Finnigan, they're bloody brilliant with a claymore but dull-witted as a post!" He was quite a joy. He also spoke at lengths on how licentious the Italians were, with their drawings of unclothed people and their dirty books - apparently all the young men wanted to learn Italian so they could read the dirty books: the novella. He swore up and down that when an Englishman wrote a book, a person could know it was the truth because the English weren't clever enough to lie, whereas when you read a novella you coudln't be sure whether you'd been had or not. He was quite wonderful, and by far my favorite reenactor - after the Wompanoag woman with her son. On out way home we decided to just bite the bullet - thank God! - and see OotP. We bought tickets, went to eat, then went to the movie. I enjoyed myself immensely and did a little bit of squealy fangirling - even if I did walk out of the movie a little disappointed for the changes that had been made. My sister and brother-in-law enjoyed themselves, at least.

Day 7, Thursday: Woke up hella late (almost 1), and put on my swimsuit and shorts so that Anna and I could drive back up to Plymouth to a beach called White Horse where we attempted to swim. Though Anna assured me that the water was much warmer than usual, my Texas-born, gulf-raised body could not endure it so after about 30 minutes we decided sitting in the sun was a better pursuit. We took a walk when we were dry to where the rocks were piled to create a barrier seperating the public and private beaches, and when went wading in the tidepools, looking for clams and hermitcrabs and snails and crabs - all of which we found. We drove back to Plymouth, got out to walk around the shops for a little bit, then returned to Quincy. After a shower each, and a quick nap, Dennis, Anna, and I went candlepin bowling, which is not at all like real bowling except that you knock down pins with a ball. It is MUCH harder than tenpins, and my highest score was 52. Then we went to the arcade, shot some zombies, killed some dinosaurs, and played one rousing, hilarious game of DDR in which my sister shouted the F word a lot while small children were around. Very entertaining.

Day 8, Friday, today: I got woken up at nine by the neighbor's roofmen, whose noise floats right in through the window by my head. I went to bed at 3:30 the night before. Bummer. I was very tired. So was my sister, apparently, because she decided Gloucester was too far to drive and fuddy-duddied out of it, to my great disappointment. We went to Jamaicaway instead, and had lunch and walked around the very pretty neighborhoods for a bit. Then we hopped in the car and sped over to Brookline, where Anna showed me the first house she lived in when she moved to Boston, and then we took a tour of the JFK brithplace. It was a very pretty house, and it (sorta, kinda, maybe in the near future) made me want to write fanfic involving a housekeeper, a nanny, and washer woman, and a group of small children. It's only a little after 4, and I do have to leave very early tomorrow morning, but I get the feeling I'm in for the day. Anna and I are btoh exhausted, and Dennis is back at work anyways. I think we're just going to rent some movies and stay in. If we decide we have the energy, my sister wants to take me "hippie dancing" at a bar in a place called Watertown. It sounds delightful, but I really do think we're going to skip it. I am exhausted.

PS - I just spellchecked the enrty, and foudn I hadn't the will to go back and change anything I messed up. How sad is that?
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Hello journal I never use enough. How are you feeling this fine day? I am just wonderful, because I am in Boston visiting my older sister and her husband - but mostly my older sister (no offense, Dennis!). A small recount of events thus far:

Day 1, Friday: Got to airport nice and early, ate Taco Bell (bad choice). Plane departed on time and arrived on time, and the flight was a little more exciting than I'm used to, but altogether not too bad. My sister picked me up from the airport, and we went to Tulio's for dinner, where I had some linguine with mussels, scallops, and clams in a marnara sauce. It was simply wonderful. We came home, rented some movies, watched Miss Potter, and I went to bed.

Day 2, Saturday: Slept until 11, then showered, dressed, and went to a place called the Garment District - this giant vintage clothing store. I bought (and I know someone's going to go "Ewwwww!" but they were awesome!) a cotton slip and a cotton garter belt, which in intend to wear with my 30s style dress for my 21st birthday later this month. Big yay! We walked around Inman's Square, got some homemade ice cream, then hoofed it back to the car. We had taiwanese for dinner, watched Music and Lyrics, and then I went to bed. I didn't sleep all that well.

Day 3, Sunday: Woke up at about 11 again, put on my swimsuit and some shorts, and hopped in the car for a quick snack at Tony's Clam Shop where I had a simply amazing lobster roll (my sister was jealous cause she got the vegetarian falafel - icky!). After we brought Dennis back some lunch we took the long(ish) drive to Nantasket where we went kayaking! I'd never been kayaking before, but it was loads of fun, even if the wind was against us, and when we came back we were paddling AGAINST the river (my god, my arms STILL HURT). We took a long walk on Nantasket beach, and I had a soft-serve swirl and my first taste of the glory that is sweet potatoe fries. The beach was really crowded cause the tide was in, so there was only about 10 feet between the seawall and the ocean, and most of that was covered in big rocks. The people were jam-packed into that tiny space, and the water was fucking freezing (I'm from Texas, remember? The Gulf is not that cold...)! Then when my fuddy-duddy sister got tired we came home. I slept very well that night.

Day 4, Monday: The first of the 2 days my sister had to work. I got up at noon, then spent the day on a trolley tour of historic Quincy, where my sister lives. We saw the birthplaces of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, as well as the mansion where the Adams lived when they returned from England, and the church where they're buried (in crypts, under the sanctuary). The mansion was especially neat because it belonged to the Quincy family up until the 1940s when it was given over to the state to become a historical park - which, as our tour guide pointed out, meant that everything in the house was original, because the family kept it that way. I have since remembered and rediscovered my deep-seated love for John Adams - which is somehow helped along even more by his wife Abigail. Last night Rachel told me that she had never figured we would end up having a conversation where I fangirled and then OTPed a former President and his Lady. I was mildly surprised ot have this pointed out to me, and even more suprised to find out it was true. When my sister got home from work we watched Goblet of Fire (to prepare Anna and Dennis for the adventure that will be Order of the Phoenix, which despite popular opinion, I thought was just wonderful - except for all the shouting on Harry's part and the crying on Cho's; coulda done with less of that). I went to bed and slept very well.

Day 5, Tuesday, today: I got up at 11 (again! I'm finally on a real schedule!), showered, dressed, and had Dennis drive me to Radioshack to get a battery for my stupid POS digital camera. He dropped me at the T, and I rode into Boston where I spent the day eating Lobster and candy at Fenueil Hall and the Quincy Market. I had a canoli and some expresso (and I bought some fudge, hot soppresatto, and blue cheese) in the North End, then I caught a T over to Harvard Square where I spent more money than I should have on a t-shirt for a coworked, a 60s dress from a vintage store, a CD, two pins, and some yarn. I just got home and collapsed with my laptop. As soon as my sister gets up we're going to the fabric store to get some black ribbon so I can fix up my Harry Potter shirt for the movie (which I probably won't get to see until Thursday anyways, which is really all right I guess since I'm only about 400 pages into my rereap of OotP).

Now I'm going to have some more of my cheese and ham... blue and soppresatto - yummy - and maybe.. take a nap? Read? Do something?...

Pictures later, y'all! All... 8 of them! Yay! (I'm the worst tourist ever!)

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