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I love how your mind tries to catch up on dreaming, when you don't get enough sleep one night and then get a ton the next.

Dream One: This one's fuzzy. Me and two other girls were watching a fight, and I don't mean like a high school fight, I mean like a Dragonball Z fight. It was late at night, and we were in some kind of public park, one of those really nice ones like Millenium Park in Chicago. We didn't seem to be particularly worried, even when we tried to get in the car and drive home and one of us got forcibly pulled out of it and pushed into the fight... Weird.

Dream Two: I was walking in a dark garden with a friend, and there was a large (I mean house-sized) tangly growth of those thorny vines like you get in Texas country - and maybe other places, I have no idea - and inside was something like a doorway. There was light shining out of it, so we walked toward it and inside the tangly growth was a terraced depression of pools that looked sort of like an old amphitheater. The door was down at bottom, on the only piece of actual ground, and a brown-haired girl in a white dress came up and helped me walk down through the pools to the door. We had to swim across the last one, and I could tell it was much deeper than the others, and there were big things swimming in it too. The brown-haired girl had rows of dolls sitting beside the door, in all different shapes and sizes, all naked with hard plastic bodies. She picked out one that had blonde hair (like I do) and put it on the ground in front of the lowest pool before telling me to climb in. I did, at first, but then the things swimming in it started nipping at my toes, and I wanted to climb out. Then I woke up.

Dream Three: Hayley, Caila and I were driving a white SUV in a place that was supposed to be Chicago but looked more like some old European city. Hayley was driving, Caila was riding shotgun, and I was in the back. Caila and I kept trying to read the two maps we had, but we couldn't find out way back to a museum we were looking for and Hayley kept getting pissed and yelling at us. They finally dropped me off at a friend's house, where I decided I was gonna roller skate home in the dark. On my way out the door, I saw a lady getting mugged by two guys, and when I made a whole lotta noise to try to scare them off they just started chasing me. I went back inside the house, but they brokw down the door, and then the man of the house (whoever he was) went all... Matrixy on the intruder. Badass.
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Four hours of Law and Order: SVU last night. Dreamt I was talking to Stabler because there was some question as to whether or not my younger sister had been involved in a crime. He was very nice, probably because I am young(ish) and blonde (like his oldest daughter). He lived in my grandpa's old house on Waggoner, that has since been torn down and had a McMansion built on its old property. They'd turned the room where my grandma died into a jewelry shop. Weird.

I need to watch less L&O but damn, I sure don't want to.
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Dreamt last night that I was running from a hamster that had eaten the magic mud growing under my house and subsequently BECOME the size of my house.

Food dream?
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Two things.

First: Last night I made a shirt (black) with some fabric paint (white and opaque sparkly) the front of which reads, in small white lettering 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes' and the back of which reads the same thing, but in English in large sparkly opaque letters. For those of you not fluent in Latin or very well-versed in its phrases, its 'Who watches the watchmen?" Now if only Jose would call me back about that midnight movie ticket...

Second: Had a dream involving the Solo twins, Darth Vader, an old wrinkled little Jedi Grand Master woman who looked suspiciously like Genkai from YYH and acted accordingly (because she basically tromped on all of our self-esteems and substituted our names for things like 'idiot' and... well, no, that was the only one). There was a chase through a hospital downtown and a "You won't do anything while we're in public" confrontation on a busy street in downtown Dallas. I have fangirl problems.
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The wacky dream I had last night, brought on in part by my dwindling money supply, and thus lack of foodstuff), and my cycling back into the rabid - as opposed to the latent - phase of my Star Wars obsession (because I have been obsessed with Star Wars since I was 7, and it has never really gone away. I doubt it ever will, and I certainly never want it to!).

I was in a bar and restaurant one early afternoon, trying to coach the owner/cook on how to make the gravy for his chicken fried steak better by adding more pepper when all of a sudden everyone started screaming and shouting for us to get down on the floor and then everyone got quiet and someone started whispering for us to close the blinds, do it quick, because this thing was walking around the building and if it saw us it would all be over, and everyone gets their blinds closed just as the thing walks by, but I fuck up the last set, and this two-story-tall, play-doh colored alien machine THING is staring down at us, and we all rush outside to get away from it. When I look up, there's this.... (I am at a loss as to how to describe it) GIGANTIC blue and red double helix taking up the entire sky for as far as the eye can see in every direction, and it's spiraling around itself, faster and faster, until it sort of... implodes on itself at the point where it disappears into the horizon and everything - the buildings, the street, the ground, the earth, the sky - EVERYTHING gets sucked into this void where the double helix imploded and as space is rushing by us everyone around me begins to shout, "I can see eternity! I can see the divine!"

I got the sense that the strange alien creature was bringing enlightenment to all beings by destroying the universe...
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It's 38 degrees, rainy, and foggy out. I have class from 10 to 3, with a 50 minutes break in between to grab some lunch at the Union. I went to bed at 11, and woke up at 8 feeling not very rested because of a slew of long and unusual dreams, including but not limited to:

1) My next door neighbor exthorting money out of us then posing as a cop.

2) Cartman from Southpark coming back in time with me to help me assassinate Hitler (the episode ended before we could accomplish our goal).

3) Taking part in a Vogue fashion shoot that included me and a whole bunch of "normal" girls dressing up in couture and being laid out on the backs of these big fake diamond swans (this dream turned a little Futurama-ish, but I can't explain why). And oh yes, there were puppies. Lots and lots of puppies...
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I should not have to make two entries in two days about crazy fangirl dreams. It just shouldn't happen.

Last night I dreamt I was some teenaged kid living on the streets with my boyfriend who was addicted to Z and was about to get his ass killed by some graverobber (not the one we all know and love, but another, less gentlemanly one). I ran into the middle of the skanky little crowd, talked loudly and crazily until the graverobber got distracted, then grabbed the boyfriend's hand a made a run for it. We got chased down, and I told him to hide, and then I got caught and I turned into butterflies and floated away. The moral of the story: don't go to bed with Repo! The Genetic Opera on the brain!
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You know you watch too much Avatar when...

When you dream about taking Fire Lord Zuko and his girlfriend to the Albuquerque Zoo, only to lose them and then leave said zoo in a rush because it's going to explode. And you might have misplaced a child too.

I didn't bother telling anyone because I didn't think it was going to play out AT ALL, but I'm off to San Antonio to visit Travis with Chelsea, Adam and possibly Emma. Should be lots of fun. I've haven't been on the Riverwalk since before I was old enough to drink legally, in bars. Lots and lots of fun...

EDIT: Somewhere between the kitchen table and car, I lost my red patent-leather headband (yes, I wear red patent-leather headbands). I cannot for the life of me figure out where the fuck it is. Frick. If any of you know, please clue me in.

reEDIT: And now I've spilled juice on the lower right-hand corner of my keyboard and the down arrow key is sticking. And sometimes not working. And generally being really wonky. Double frick.
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Two dreams:

1) (Rachel, this is all your fault!) Myself and a few friends from high school were breaking into a gigantic house where there was a Spung colony. We were going to rescue someone, but we discovered they were hatching new Paris Hilton's out of eggs in the basement and decided that stopping that plot was more important.

2) There was a medieval-style tournament going on, and the people competing were the Gaang and William Wallace and all his Scots. (The Gaang won).
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Two dreams:

1) A good (male) friend had come to visit me. We were laying on my bed, under the covers, watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in our underwear. And no, we weren't dating. Weird.

2) I am a wanted criminal in my own country because my theories on peace and nonviolence had finally become too radical to let me live. So I get chased all around Dallas, and I give up my one chance of escape to let a colleague (a woman with a young daughter waiting for her in Canada) escape. The whole city is looking for me. I'm hiding behind a house over on Belmont, and am discovered by a band of citizens (mostly mothers with children, entertaining them with a fugitive hunt). As I am only 22, I manage to talk them into letting me go and not telling, because I am so young, I'm not ready to die, all I want is peace, etc. I end up hiding out in the attic of the house, but I get discovered by the man who lives there, who happens to be a veteran. He turns me in. I woke up right as I was begging him to have mercy.
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I am no longer allowed to watch Law and Order before bedtime, especially when I'm eating cake. It leads to strange dreams about myself and my attractive male partner apprehending a suspect who is holding a child at knife-point, nearly getting stabbed, chasing said suspect into an alley, and getting shot at by his buddies who are holed up there. Not all together unpleasant. But still. A girl like me shouldn't have dreams about being with NYPD homicide.

I feel so naughty. I'm typing this is class. Ahahaha!

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