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Day Seven: a female character that needs more screen

Jo and Ellen Harvelle (Supernatural)
"I just run a saloon."

Supernatural is sort of notorious for shunting its female characters aside by having them die horrendously, and the two whose... shunting I regret the most are the most are the lovely mother-daughter duo that is Jo and Ellen. I'm still so, so bitter over how they ended, though completely unsurprised, and the few times they did manage to get into the action they were mostly just facilitators for the boys but they still just radiated awesome. I'll be the first to admit to loving Sam and Dean, but I also love me some ladies, and these two had such potential to be total badasses. I still smile watching the scene in which they're introduced, and I still get weepy and sad watching them die together. 

I'm also still really, really bitter that Jo and Dean never did it. It's my Biggest Regret for the whole show. Don't judge me.

In conclusion! I want more Jo and Ellen and I know I'll never get it, but God help me I still crave it! SOMEONE GET ME MORE JO AND ELLEN!
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I'm kinda ashamed, both of what I'm about to post, and of the fact that it has to be my first post of the new year, but... yeah, well, see the entry title. I post this as both a promise to all of you and a warning to myself. There are things I will not do.

I didn't write this secret. IT IS NOT MINE. BUT DAMN, IT COULD BE!

No, I don't ship Wincest, or Dean/Castiel (whom I haven't even met yet), and no, I will not be joining fandom, reading fanfic, writing fanfic, or, I hope, even any other journal entries about this stupid show that's wormed its way into my heart. I just needed to come clean. It's a new year. Time for a fresh start. I feel a little better already.

Don't judge me too harshly. 

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