Jan. 4th, 2012 02:17 pm
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I've been fighting the same sinus infection for a week, and I'm thoroughly sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Aug. 31st, 2010 12:47 am
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Fandom surprises me fairly often, but it's rarely with something wonderful that has the power to turn a bad day around.

Yesterday the lovely [ profile] artemisrae  gave me a belated birthday present, something she had commissioned from the fantastically talented [ profile] pheonee :


I just. Thank you both. So much. It MADE my day, and I HAD to share! If everyone enjoys it HALF as much as I do, then we will all have a fantastic time!
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A List of Things I've Done:
  • Finished the easier one of the two memes
  • Signed up for [ profile] avatarbigbang 
  • Finished Supernatural up through S4 with Hayley
  • Started reading The Mortal Instruments (currently halfway through City of Ashes)
  • Written and proofread exactly one fic, to go up for [ profile] 31_days later in the month
  • Oh yeah, and I've managed not to totally fail at any of the classes I'm taking this semester
A List of Things I Need to Do:
  • homewoooork
  • beta-read (for [ profile] artemisrae  and[ profile] essbeejay )
  • talk to boss about more work hours so I can...
  • plan that trip to New Mexico that [ profile] erised_wings and I want to take over spring break
  • rewatch all of Avatar from beginning to end
  • edit: VISIT APRIL
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I'm kinda ashamed, both of what I'm about to post, and of the fact that it has to be my first post of the new year, but... yeah, well, see the entry title. I post this as both a promise to all of you and a warning to myself. There are things I will not do.

I didn't write this secret. IT IS NOT MINE. BUT DAMN, IT COULD BE!

No, I don't ship Wincest, or Dean/Castiel (whom I haven't even met yet), and no, I will not be joining fandom, reading fanfic, writing fanfic, or, I hope, even any other journal entries about this stupid show that's wormed its way into my heart. I just needed to come clean. It's a new year. Time for a fresh start. I feel a little better already.

Don't judge me too harshly. 
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Up until highschool, I was reading 3 or 4 books a month, many of them brick-sized (Wheel of Time, to give you an idea). When I graduated and went out into the great wide world (almost 4 years ago, now), that stopped, almost all together. Of all the things I feel like I have lost, that is the one I miss most - but writing is a close second. My fic count per month has dropped drastically, and I am continuously starting something new when I should be finishing something I've already begun. I used to sew and knit extensively.

So here is a list of things I will do this year, in attempts to better myself:

1) Read at least one non-Star Wars (as of March 30th, I failed on this non-Star Wars point, so fuck it!) book a month (previously read books counting only if I have little to no recollection of them; some graphic novels might apply). So far, so good:
  • January - Lamb by Christopher Moore
  • February - Watchmen (yes, it totally counts!) by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
  • March - (reread) Edge of Victory I and II by Greg Keyes
  • April - Neuromancer by William Gibson, (reread) Dark Journey by Elaine Cunningham
  • May - Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (reread), Heir to the Empire by Tim Zahn
2) I will post at least one fic of more than 1000 words every month, and I will finish a least one previously-begun fic:3) I will finish one craft project, of any size, each month:
  • January - empty
  • February - handwarmers
  • March - (attempting) brown fuzzy scarf, (planned for Spring Break) Jedi tunic or sundress FAIL!
  • April - sundress (and god is it beautiful!), (attempting, again) Jedi tunic
  • May - Jedi tunic (damnit Josie, do it!)
So any book suggestions? Any fic you'd like to see finished? Anything you think I should do with my time that I might find worthwhile? Let me know!

<input ... ></input><input ... >
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The more I think about it, the more I believe that I desperately need these shoes:

But they're $120. Did I already mention that I was desperate?


[Poll #1498691]

Now I'm going to go watch Merlin. That is all.
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Four hours of Law and Order: SVU last night. Dreamt I was talking to Stabler because there was some question as to whether or not my younger sister had been involved in a crime. He was very nice, probably because I am young(ish) and blonde (like his oldest daughter). He lived in my grandpa's old house on Waggoner, that has since been torn down and had a McMansion built on its old property. They'd turned the room where my grandma died into a jewelry shop. Weird.

I need to watch less L&O but damn, I sure don't want to.

Fun Fun

Oct. 25th, 2009 04:29 pm
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You know you had an interesting night when you wake up for work at 4:30AM, notice the blood drying and flaking ALL OVER your legs and sheets, and are so hungover it takes you a few seconds to remember that you rolled in costume blood the evening before so you could be a B Horror Movie Extra (in a Zeta Tau sweatshirt 3 sizes too big and a tiny blue jean skirt) at the Annual Cedar Springs Halloween Block Party and Parade.

Probably shoulda had more food and less liquor. Oops. :)
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Guys. Guys, I got the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth taken off.
And the plastic one is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny! It makes me giggle with it's smallishness.

Also, pictures from Chicago soon to come. When I can stop being lazy and having stuff to do.
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I'm at the tail end of a busy week! Just finished a paper after studying for my test tomorrow AFTER that project I spent three days working on. I'm glad it's all coming to an close, because the weekend is going to be just as eventful, but quite a bit more fun! I'm off to Chicago tomorrow, for my cousin's wedding! I've been up there once before, but I was so little that I don't remember, so I'm really looking forward to the trip. I don't get to stay very long, but I get to see all of my relatives and get trashed with them (always funtimes!), and see a bit of the city, so I can't really ask for more. Plus, I have a super-pretty dress bought especially for the occasion (yes, I'm vain, I admit it!), and I'm really looking forward to getting to prance around in it! I have to change planes once on the way up there, and once on the way back, but eh, whatev! My family is, of course, driving, because of my mother's disproportionate fear of flying and my father's unwillingness to deal with the airport shenanigans.

Amanda wants a gangster. I wonder if I can bagcheck him...

Currently on page 182 of 674 in The Dragon Reborn (book 3 of WoT), and just loving it. I'm planning to make a good deal more headway on the flight (if I don't get motion sick and decide to write fic instead). I can't believe it took me 4 read-throughs to realize just how bloody much I love Perrin. He's such a sweetheart!
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Discovered there was something wrong with the printer by printing out, on TOP of the project I just finished, 90+ pages of fic that needs to be beta-read (YES JEN, IT'S THAT FIC) only to discover, somewhere around page 62 that THE PRINTER IS KINDA OUT OF INK. NOT SO OUT THAT IT'S NOT PRINTING, JUST OUT ENOUGH THAT THERE ARE LARGE STREAKS OF BLANK NOTHINGNESS ON EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN PAGE. THANKS FOR HELPING ME WASTE TREES, GATEWAY. DOUCHEBAGS.

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At my sister's, watching a sleeping baby while she naps before grabbing some dinner and heading off to derby practice (which I still can only watch, but WTF EVER BECAUSE I GOT SKATES ON THURSDAY AND SO WHAT IF THE WHEELS ARE TOO HARD AND I SLIP AND SLIDE AROUND ON CARPET AND AM THEREFORE TERRIFIED OF GETTING ON THE ACTUAL RINK AND CANNOT YET PAY THE DUES?!?!?! I've filled out the paperwork and started collecting gear. That's the important part!).

Star Wars fans on my flist, I need you to request something on this:

Because we all know the Prequels are going to DOMINATE which I am really kinda sad about, since the OT and the EU are, IMHO, way more interesting and we can't remain unrepresented, can we?
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Summer officially ended for me last Thursday, when classes started up again. Things seem like they'll go pretty well on that front, provided I keep up my reading, and I even got a friend of mine from work to agree to let me observe his child for the 15 hours required of my Child Counseling class, so the first big hurdle is, IMHO, cleared. Subsequently, I'll be cutting waaay back on my work hours (from a full 40, to 16), and depending on finaid to pay my rent again. The good news is that I only have class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I only work Saturday and Sunday, so I still have 2 days off. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself

In the spirit of accomplishing things and bettering one’s self – since that’s what school is for, right? - I've started to make another concerted effort to finish the Alphabet Drabbles Meme that I posted forever ago - okay, it was just back in April, and frankly, I'm pretty impressed with myself that I've completed 12 of the 17 requested drabbles; I've never come so close to finishing a fic meme. I'm determined to complete this one, so those of you who haven't gotten your fic, keep an eye out, because it's coming in the not-too-distant future!

Also in the spirit of bettering one’s self, I’ve decided to join a women’s flat track roller derby team; specifically, Assassination City. I’ve been to two bouts already as a volunteer, and I just attended watched one of the practices this evening (all of those things with [ profile] shes_unreal, who got me interested), where I was able to pick up the necessary paperwork. I don’t have skates, pads (knee, elbow, wrist), a helmet, or the necessary funds right at the moment, but I don’t think the league is going anywhere in the next few months, so hopefully before Christmas… :) I used to take belly dance (for almost 3 years) and I really enjoyed the feeling that I was actually making an effort to do something I loved. I think derby is going to be exactly like that. Plus, I’ve always loved contact sports, but playing football takes more stamina (and is, actually, quite a bit more dangerous) than I care to have, so this is a good choice for me, IMHO, and it’s entertaining enough to make up for my total lack of competitive spirit. Go Ass City! Totally posting a poll about my potential derby name after this!

Let's discuss The Wheel of Time and how much I love it despite the precarious position I constantly find myself in with relation to it. Cut because... who really wants to read this? )

Now for news from fronts that do not directly revolve around me.

John’s still as beautiful as ever, and boy is he getting big! He’s seems to have gotten past the point of crying just for crying’s sake, and is starting to sleep relatively well through the nights. He really likes mine and my mom’s glasses and my dad’s mustache, so we’re good distractions when he gets fussy. He likes to “talk” to me. He can still only make about 3 sounds, but I’ve gotten him going 3 or 4 times (usually after he’s been fed/burped/changed), which is, my sister tells me, more than anyone but his dad ever gets out of him. I am touched. I knew me and this kid were gonna be tight.

Somewhat bigger news: Monday morning my roommate gave her brother one of her kidneys. Her brother, who is 17 now, was born with kidney failure, and they just recently entertained the idea of Caila giving up one of her kidneys. We went to see her in the hospital yesterday, and she was about as out of it as one can be, but she was healing well after being in surgery for 6 hours. Her brother was still under then, and he stayed under for 11 hours total, but when we talked to their mom today, she said that her little brother’s doing great, and the kidney’s already going to work. Caila gets out tomorrow morning if her pain levels go down, but she can’t come home for a while because she can’t climb stairs.

I think it goes without saying that we are all very proud of her. It’s not an easy thing to do, I imagine, but… well, she did it. I’m impressed.
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In fact, I think I will!

So he's eating my knee (which he is laying on, because he seems to really enjoy that) and I am eating his shoulder, while my sister and mom eat lunch. It's the fuckin' circle of life, as his mom  would say.

God, I love him so much! He's the fantastic bright spot in what is thus far a fairly shitty summer. He recognizes my voice now...

Also, I think it's time to redye my hair. Y'all see those roots?! Damn!
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Nothing sours your mood quite like waiting in line on the phone.

Also, today's high is 105. God bless Texas.

And I swear I'm still gonna finish those alphabet drabbles! Just as soon as I have some time...

She lives!

Jul. 21st, 2009 04:45 pm
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So, um... I'm alive. Kinda.

Took my week off and most of one of my paychecks and went to Otakon. Except for the 22 hours each way in the car (all of which I drove), it was pretty awesome. Met up with [profile] tehlobster and [ profile] aerodactylus, spent most of my money on gifts for other people, slept way too little, stood in way too many lines, ate terribly, and enjoyed myself immensely. 

I get to go back to work tomorrow. Yippee. My 23rd birthday is in a week.

My new medication is making my lips and nose so chapped that they're cracking, no matter how much aquaphor I apply, and my skin is so sensitive to sunlight that my left arm is burnt from driving back. I had to wear a sweater in the car but it occurred to me too late to save my arm. This had better be freaking worth it.
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<input ... ></input><input ... >
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But damn, guys -
Isn't he beautiful?

Off to Job 2!
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First of all, thanks to everyone who gave their congrats! We're so happy to have him with us, and I'm so happy that, you know, y'all actually seem to care a little. ;P

So this is how things went down... )

On a completely different note WoT, blood work, regular work, and booze. )
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At 8 o'clock this morning my sister went in to have labor induced. She was on some medication I can't recall the name of for a few hours that got her started with contractions, but after 8 hours there was no dialtion so they started her on pitocin. She's currently finishing up her 13th hour of labor. She's fine, the baby's fine, and things seem to be progressing as well as can be hoped. Right now our biggest fear is that she won't dilate in a timely manner and will then have to have a c-section, which she a) doesn't want and b) can't really afford, and c) is terrified of. The delivering doctor (who's an old family friend for whom my mom used to work) said that as long as things continue to progress she would be allowed to labor for... pretty much as long as it takes.

She was just beginning to get some of the long, painful conractions when I left. Me and the Baby Daddy both needed dinner so we took a break and drove back to their apartment. Unlike my crazy mother, they actually have internet.

This is it, y'all! Keep them in your thoughts!

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