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Dear Yuletide Santa... )
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Title: Winter Breeze
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Thalia
Summary: Lovers, forget your love/And list to the love of these/she a window flower/And he a winter breeze. Luke is good at ruining things.
Author's Notes: AU, post-series, written for the [livejournal.com profile] pjo_kinkmeme. Prompt was Thalia/Luke, futurfic, oaths of chastity are meant to be broken.

There were, Thalia imagined, better places to have sex... )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme.

Title: Token of Affection
Prompt: U is for Uther, No John, for [livejournal.com profile] erised_wings
Fandom: Merlin
Character/Pairing: Uther/Igraine
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: In which Uther realizes just how big Igraine's heart is, and just how much he loves her.

Uther isn't shy about giving gifts. )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme.

Title: Buying On Credit
Prompt: P is for Panacea, for [livejournal.com profile] essbeejay
Fandom: PPG
Character/Pairing: Red/Green Brick/Buttercup
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of blood
Author's Notes: Another one where the circumstances make little sense, but... just go with it!

'If you kick me again I'm going to leave you here to die.'  )
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One of many responses for the Alphabte Drabbles Meme.

Title: There With Us
Prompt: M is for matter, for [livejournal.com profile] lyraeinne
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Character/Pairing: Jacen, Jaina, and/or Anakin
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: The requester and I have this in common - we love fic with the Solo kids taking care of each other in their parents' absence. I'm just not sure she knew I shared her love. Hopefully there's no question now. :) And I know you're having a hard time, so hopefully this will at least put a tiny smile on your face.

She was good at taking things in stride. )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme.

Title: Cleaning the Gutter
Prompt: S is for Shower, for [livejournal.com profile] essbeejay
Fandom: Powerpuff Girls
Character/Pairing: Reds
Rating: PG-13

No one notices when it starts raining. )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme.

Title: Politics
Prompt: C is for Compromise, for [livejournal.com profile] shes_unreal
Fandom: Avatar
Character/Pairing: Zuko/Mai
Rating: PG

Of all the things he learns from Mai, Zuko knows that compromise is the most important... )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme

Title: Inviolable
Prompt: T is for Tame, for [livejournal.com profile] artemisrae
Fandom: PPG
Character/Pairing: Reds
Rating: PG-15

Blossom doesn't know how they got here. )
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One of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme.

Title: Delicate Palates
Prompt: N is for Nom Nom, for [profile] erised_wings 
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Character/Pairing: Nathan Wallace
Rating: G

'I don't think I could keep it down, Nate.' )
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The first of many responses for the Alphabet Drabbles Meme. There's still some letters open, if anyone's interested.

Title: Bedmates
Prompt: Q is for Quirks, for[livejournal.com profile] tehlobster
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Character/Pairing: Anybody/Jaina/Anybody, which translates to Zekk/Jaina/Jag
Rating: Gentle R

There really weren't a lot of downsides that Jaina could find to sharing her bed with two men. )
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Alphabet Drabbles: For those unfamiliar, first you pick a letter and a corresponding word. Then you pick a fandom (or a crossover) and a character or pairing. For example, H is for Hug, Michael/Pam (The Office). In turn you'll receive a ficlet of some kind.

Claims under here! )
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This Holiday Season I decided to suck it up and go back to CM. Usually I work in the cheese department, either making mozzarella or helping the production line, but this year they finally hired some new people and Stacy, my manager's manager, said they didn't have any hours for me. My only option, if i wanted to work, was going back to cashiering, and since not working for 5 weeks is simply NOT an option, I put a rein on my reservations and agreed. The third day I'm at a register, two hours into my ten hour shift, Michelle pulls me and hands me to Stacy, who says that Trish had to go home and would I like to make mozzarella for the rest of the day? Why yes, yes I would!

That was yesterday, and they pulled me to make mozz for the whole Holiday (all two days of it I was there). Today was crazy. I went in at 5:30 to produce before we opened, and got off at 1:30 by fudging my hours a bit. Whatever. I was exhausted. I made a ridiculous amount of cheese. My hands and feet both ache prolifically, the former from not being used to hot/saltwater or working curd, and the latter from not being used to standing in one spot for 8+ hours.

Still, way better than cashiering!

Gift One: For Jen. Follow this Link!
And don't ask what I had to do to get them...

Gift Two: For Lobster.  )

Gift for [livejournal.com profile] aerodactylus still to come.

They are small things, flist, so don't none of y'all get jealous. But if you decide you REALLY can't live without a gift, request a drabble. Gimme a character or a pairing, and a sentence/cue word/little scene you'd like to see. Seeing as how it's Chritsmas, it's really the least I can do. . 

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