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Summer officially ended for me last Thursday, when classes started up again. Things seem like they'll go pretty well on that front, provided I keep up my reading, and I even got a friend of mine from work to agree to let me observe his child for the 15 hours required of my Child Counseling class, so the first big hurdle is, IMHO, cleared. Subsequently, I'll be cutting waaay back on my work hours (from a full 40, to 16), and depending on finaid to pay my rent again. The good news is that I only have class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I only work Saturday and Sunday, so I still have 2 days off. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself

In the spirit of accomplishing things and bettering one’s self – since that’s what school is for, right? - I've started to make another concerted effort to finish the Alphabet Drabbles Meme that I posted forever ago - okay, it was just back in April, and frankly, I'm pretty impressed with myself that I've completed 12 of the 17 requested drabbles; I've never come so close to finishing a fic meme. I'm determined to complete this one, so those of you who haven't gotten your fic, keep an eye out, because it's coming in the not-too-distant future!

Also in the spirit of bettering one’s self, I’ve decided to join a women’s flat track roller derby team; specifically, Assassination City. I’ve been to two bouts already as a volunteer, and I just attended watched one of the practices this evening (all of those things with [livejournal.com profile] shes_unreal, who got me interested), where I was able to pick up the necessary paperwork. I don’t have skates, pads (knee, elbow, wrist), a helmet, or the necessary funds right at the moment, but I don’t think the league is going anywhere in the next few months, so hopefully before Christmas… :) I used to take belly dance (for almost 3 years) and I really enjoyed the feeling that I was actually making an effort to do something I loved. I think derby is going to be exactly like that. Plus, I’ve always loved contact sports, but playing football takes more stamina (and is, actually, quite a bit more dangerous) than I care to have, so this is a good choice for me, IMHO, and it’s entertaining enough to make up for my total lack of competitive spirit. Go Ass City! Totally posting a poll about my potential derby name after this!

Let's discuss The Wheel of Time and how much I love it despite the precarious position I constantly find myself in with relation to it. Cut because... who really wants to read this? )

Now for news from fronts that do not directly revolve around me.

John’s still as beautiful as ever, and boy is he getting big! He’s seems to have gotten past the point of crying just for crying’s sake, and is starting to sleep relatively well through the nights. He really likes mine and my mom’s glasses and my dad’s mustache, so we’re good distractions when he gets fussy. He likes to “talk” to me. He can still only make about 3 sounds, but I’ve gotten him going 3 or 4 times (usually after he’s been fed/burped/changed), which is, my sister tells me, more than anyone but his dad ever gets out of him. I am touched. I knew me and this kid were gonna be tight.

Somewhat bigger news: Monday morning my roommate gave her brother one of her kidneys. Her brother, who is 17 now, was born with kidney failure, and they just recently entertained the idea of Caila giving up one of her kidneys. We went to see her in the hospital yesterday, and she was about as out of it as one can be, but she was healing well after being in surgery for 6 hours. Her brother was still under then, and he stayed under for 11 hours total, but when we talked to their mom today, she said that her little brother’s doing great, and the kidney’s already going to work. Caila gets out tomorrow morning if her pain levels go down, but she can’t come home for a while because she can’t climb stairs.

I think it goes without saying that we are all very proud of her. It’s not an easy thing to do, I imagine, but… well, she did it. I’m impressed.
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In fact, I think I will!

So he's eating my knee (which he is laying on, because he seems to really enjoy that) and I am eating his shoulder, while my sister and mom eat lunch. It's the fuckin' circle of life, as his mom  would say.

God, I love him so much! He's the fantastic bright spot in what is thus far a fairly shitty summer. He recognizes my voice now...

Also, I think it's time to redye my hair. Y'all see those roots?! Damn!
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But damn, guys -
Isn't he beautiful?

Off to Job 2!
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First of all, thanks to everyone who gave their congrats! We're so happy to have him with us, and I'm so happy that, you know, y'all actually seem to care a little. ;P

So this is how things went down... )

On a completely different note WoT, blood work, regular work, and booze. )

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