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Oct. 25th, 2009 04:29 pm
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You know you had an interesting night when you wake up for work at 4:30AM, notice the blood drying and flaking ALL OVER your legs and sheets, and are so hungover it takes you a few seconds to remember that you rolled in costume blood the evening before so you could be a B Horror Movie Extra (in a Zeta Tau sweatshirt 3 sizes too big and a tiny blue jean skirt) at the Annual Cedar Springs Halloween Block Party and Parade.

Probably shoulda had more food and less liquor. Oops. :)
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The two best pictures of this Halloween. The first is of myself and Megan as the Black Canary and the Mad Hatter, respectively. Unfortunately, it's the only picture we managed to take that whole evening, and it's blurry. Go fig. We still look awesome. The second is my pumpkin! :) Aside from these two images, the night was awful, but damn if I didn't have fun being cat-called by passing cars on the TWO MILE TREK I made in those heels.

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All costume pieces accounted for: Check!

Pumpkin carved like Aang: Check!

Voted for Obama: Check!

Go by bank for money for tonight: No check! Check!

Quia: No check! Check!

Plans for tonight: Check and Double Check!

Happy Halloween/New Year/Samhain to all my friends! Stay safe, and blessed be!

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Update: Halloween - So it's official. We're all going to be DC superheroes/villains. In addition to my Black Canary, Ray will be the Joker, Joseph will be Ra's al'Ghul, Julia will be Batgirl (one more chick and we could have the entire cast of Birds of Prey!) and Al will be - I mention with a fangirlish sigh - the Green Arrow. Guys - not only will there be awesome Halloween pictures, there will be awesome SHIPPY Halloween pictures. Sadly, though, there will be no drunken make-outs, because I just found out one of my friends has been crushing on him for quite some time and thus he is off limits. I've warned her I will be all over him, though, and she has agreed that it's for a worthy cause.

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