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Fandom surprises me fairly often, but it's rarely with something wonderful that has the power to turn a bad day around.

Yesterday the lovely [ profile] artemisrae  gave me a belated birthday present, something she had commissioned from the fantastically talented [ profile] pheonee :


I just. Thank you both. So much. It MADE my day, and I HAD to share! If everyone enjoys it HALF as much as I do, then we will all have a fantastic time!
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A MEME! Ganked from [ profile] artemisrae.

Comment with the name of a female character and I'll tell you why I love her.
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My computer is having an unusually good day. This warrants a journal entry. Sadly, said entry will be all about how borked my computer is. I've been having little problems on and off for the last couple of weeks, and I'm sick of sinking in $20 here and $80 there and still not having a laptop that performs at optimum levels. In the last couple of weeks I've been staying away from firefox as much as possible (which, with my internet addiction, is probably not as much as I should've) on account of it's been causing my computer to crash or freezing everything up, and I've been having similar problems with AIM. In the last week all these problems have compounded, and frankly I'm surprised I've made it this far into an entry without it crashing. This laptop is a 4 1/2 years old, and has only sort of been taken care of properly.

But there is hope! Less hours this semester means more free financial aid, so what did I do about 10 minutes ago?


I'm gonna be kinda MIA until then, I think, so if I get a chance to post the meme I wanna put up next, yall just be patient, okay?


So, um, no one die while I'm gone?

Also, a conversation, via text, that [ profile] artemisrae has already posted in her lj. I think it bears reposting, especially since i was part of it:

[ profile] juxtaposie: Holy crap the lab instructor is a buff young grad student who speaks and writes greek. He's done it 3 times already and I get a little giddier every time.
[ profile] artemisrae: ...demigod?
[ profile] juxtaposie: Possibly. He claims he started out as a classical studies major but says greek will help us with terminology.
[ profile] artemisrae: ...son of apollo?
[ profile] juxtaposie: Blonde hair, blue eyes, sandals, sunglasses ON his ballcap. Def apollo. I think I'm in love.

Yep. Gonna be a good semester.
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Attention Flist:

I am in love with Spock.

That is all.

*goes off to find Quinto Spock icons*

Oh, and also - Star Trek? Totally awesome.
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Some notes on my life, of late:

Grandpa seems to be doing better. It was very touch and go all weekend, especially for the couple days where he wasn't eating or drinking anything, but my mom told me today that he'd eaten two meals yesterday and he'd been drinking enough liquids, so I'm going to cross my fingers and keep hoping, but not be too expectant. He slept most of the weekend, but when I talked to him on Sunday he was coherent enough to recognize that I was going back to school, to tell me to drive safe, and to return my "I love you" with an "I love you, too, kid." I talked to him on the phone yesterday and he told me to quit playin' and study hard.

I got to see my aunt this weekend, too. She's using a walker to get around while her leg heals (she broke it falling off a horse last month), but she was lively and seemed to be doing well. She's back at work, too, so things are going good on her end.

I had a job interview last Friday with a company called Mad Science. Working for them entails dressing up like a mad scientist and doing experiments with grade school kids at summer science camps. It pays well, but the hours are very few, and if I work for them I'd need another job to make rent. I have another interview the Saturday after next with a woman who needs a nanny for her two daughters starting on June 1st, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 5:30. The kids are 11 and 12, and I'd mostly be there to make them lunch and drive them around, so I'm gonna pray that they like me - and that I like them because the situation would be IDEAL, and I might even be able to still nanny for them when she school year starts again. Cross your fingers for me, guys!

Kentucky Derby party this Saturday. Hayley's parents (who love horses, and any excuse to drink, on TOP of being completely loaded!) are paying for the main food and that drink stuff - Hurray! Mint juleps! - and we're all going to put on sun dresses and big hats and play croquet and horse shoes in the yard, and go swimming after we watch the derby. I'm super excited!

Finals. UGH! Finals! I'm three weeks away form being done with the semester (next week is dead weak), and I've got one final next Thursday, one Monday, two on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday, and then I'm DONE! I still have to give my French oral presentation, but I really seem to have lucked out. I was supposed to go Monday, but I wasn't in class and they were running a day behind anyways, and then today we had to review for our mini-test, which we'll take on Friday, and then the teacher will be out of town on Monday, so the earliest I'll have to do the oral is next Wednesday. Thank you, Jesus!

Next Monday is May the 4th - Star Wars Day, for those of you not familiar with the holiday (Get it? May the 4th be with you?). I have a Jedi tunic in the works, and I reeeeaaaaally want these boots because they're sooooooo GFFA, but... $200? They're real leather, and I bet I could get my mom to split them with me... But then I'd still have to come up with $100, and I really can't afford that right now. Even if I'm contemplating whether or not not eating for a week is worth these boots - and I think it might be. I REALLY want to wear my Jedi costume to class on Monday...

And that's my rather awkward and obvious segue into my recent thoughts on the EU, mostly concerning NJO. )

But enough of that. I need to go work on my study guides, and maybe go buy some new shampoo (or possibly some hair dye, because either will help my hair problem). Off I go.

Also? It's been looking like rain all week, and nothing's come down yet. Weird.
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Two things.

First: Last night I made a shirt (black) with some fabric paint (white and opaque sparkly) the front of which reads, in small white lettering 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes' and the back of which reads the same thing, but in English in large sparkly opaque letters. For those of you not fluent in Latin or very well-versed in its phrases, its 'Who watches the watchmen?" Now if only Jose would call me back about that midnight movie ticket...

Second: Had a dream involving the Solo twins, Darth Vader, an old wrinkled little Jedi Grand Master woman who looked suspiciously like Genkai from YYH and acted accordingly (because she basically tromped on all of our self-esteems and substituted our names for things like 'idiot' and... well, no, that was the only one). There was a chase through a hospital downtown and a "You won't do anything while we're in public" confrontation on a busy street in downtown Dallas. I have fangirl problems.
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So I went into the finale with very minor feelings of trepidation, not because I'd been previously displeased with the show, but because it was the FINALE of AVATAR: the ONLY show I have ever followed religiously, to the point of fanaticism (it was Star Wars Level Epic for me, and if you know me, you know what that means). I admit that I am not as in love with the third season as I am with the second, but I believe, after the complete perfection of the second season, that it was just impossible to reach those same epic heights again. That being said, I still absolutely love the third season. They do beat a lot of dead horses, as said, and some of the episodes had a first season feeling to them, but there were many epically awesome moments (like that time Sokka got a sword, or that time Mai loved Zuko more than she feared Azula, or that time Aang and Zuko went on a fieldtrip and learned firebending from dragons) interspersed, and in the end, I do not feel cheated at all – even if there were some unresolved plot points that I had very much been looking forward to (mainly Iroh's Spirit journey and Ursa's return). Any nervous feelings I had going into the finale were just the simple, almost primal fear that I hope am sure every fan felt a bit of deep down in their hearts: that the ending would be mismanaged. I put a lot of faith in Mike and Bryan, following them on this journey with absolutely no idea where it would lead, but loving every crazed moment of it. They've never let me down, but still I was afraid.

My fears were totally unfounded, because the finale was more awesomely epic than any maybe all? of the second season combined.

Then the credits rolled and I might have started crying.

So now I'm exhausted, physically AND emotionally, I'm starving, and I'm just a little bit sad. It's bedtime.
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It's comforting to find my feelings put into words. Old article, I know, but I usually get to things after everyone else. Honestly, I was surprised all the books weren't out when I picked up LotF! I definitely waited for NJO to end before picking up Vector Prime, and that took years!

That being said, after I finish Biff, I'm thinking of rereading every single Star Wars novel I own (because I never gave them away or resold them or lent them out or ANYTHING that would take them away from me), and some of the ones I don't own. For the record, I do NOT reread books. Ever. Once I know what happens, that's it. I'm done. And this little endeavor will probably take me a few years, because I read very slowly for someone who reads as much as I do and I sometimes happen upon days where I just don't want to pick up a book. I am debating on whether or not I should devote the time to the Fandom of Fandoms, or if I should just move on and read the novels I never got into. Or if I shouldn't even continue to waste my time on Star Wars... Wait, what am I saying?

So reread? Yes, no, thoughts?

PS - My mood theme is still new to me, and when I saw the image for 'confused' I started giggling.

"Boba Fett? Boba Fett?! Where?!"
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Finished Legacy of the Force: Invincible about ten minutes ago, and had myself a good cry over the ending. Now I need fanfic... Why is there no decent EU fanfic? I'd hate to have to write it myself...

Well, okay, no I wouldn't. And there are a few key things that I feel still need to be addressed. Perhaps I shall address them when my grief/elation ebbs a little and I can see the situation more clearly.
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So I started book 8 of Legacy of the Force (don't fret, Rachel, I'm still reading Biff). Nine pages in, and already we have some interesting developments, but there was one that drew my attention above all the rest: Jaina Solo is going to ask Boba Fett to teach her how to hunt jedi.

Let me repeat that: Jaina SOLO is going to ask BOBA FETT (remember that bounty hunter with the jetpack? who gave Dad to Jabba? the Mando'a? who's tried more times than he has fingers on his hands to kill or maim some member of the Solo family?) to teach her how to hunt jedi.

Does that mean anything to anyone on my flist besides Amanda?


Mar. 12th, 2008 01:59 am
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So do any of you remember Reboot? That kickass show about the little people that live inside your computer? And how it got canceled after "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus"? How we never got to any kind of conclusion to the Hunt, the wedding, or the emotional upheaval no doubt caused by both events?

If you answered yes to these questions... Look no further. All you have to do now is wait.
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Less than 10 hours, fellow avatards! It's been a long, horrid 10-month hiatus, but the wait is almost over! Just hold on a little longer!
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Drakken. Needs Shego. To open a jar of pickles.

Why did no one inform me of this earlier?
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It WAS kinda at my prompting, more or less.... BUT IT WAS STILL HILARIOUS!
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This is fucking hilarious.

No joke, y'all. Zuko's a one man army! Rofl.
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Saw FOB. Was suitably impressed. Danced where necessar, sang along when able. Enjoyed myself. Pics later (all two fo them, and none of the actual band - just me and April beign silly).
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So I just finished Le Chevalier D'Eon this morning...

Thoughts anyone? (spoilers) )

Now, off to work!
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So. SO! Let's see what I can recall of the last weekend of Scarborough Faire!

We got there just in time to hear the cannon that signals the opening of the gates, but we were walking to the entrance then because we'd spent so long getting me into my dress without getting it into the mud (which would become a moot point before noon). It had rained earlier that morning, and there was mud EVERYWHERE in the (unpaved) parking area, which is really just a big field with some gravel thrown down for lanes.

The first thing we did was go to the shoppe where my doll was waiting. Sadly, MY DOLL HAD BEEN SOLD! And I wanted to cry because she was so gorgeous - all in grey and burgundy wool with a little red beret and beautiful white yarn hair. Still, I couldn't walk out of there without SOMETHING after staring longingly all season, so I bought a beautiful brown-haired doll in navy and gold and brown. She has a cute little floppy hat with a gold feather in its brim.

We saw Queen Anne's Lace singing a duet of Mingulay Boat Song with the Corsairs ("... let her go boys, heave her head 'round into the weather..."), and I took many pictures. We then went to eat, and walked around for several hours doing various things to pass the time. During these few hours, Amanda, by some strange stroke of luck, completely changed costumes. It started with buying a new (black leather) bodice, that she wore in place of her waist cincher simply because it was new, and we stood to watch the parade, which included all the veterans wearing yellow sashes, as well as a HUGE American flag and the Rogues playing a medley of Scotland the Brave and the Air Force anthem. After the parade, Amanda's skirt was so wet and muddy that it was nearly coming off of her, so she bought a pair of black breeches, and doffed her skirt AND shoes so that she could walk around bare-footed in the mud. We ran all her stuff out to the car so we wouldn't have to carry it around, and returned to the festival. I was still in my big red dress.

We grabbed MORE food (I pretty much go to eat, if you haven't realized yet) and then sat down to watch the last showing of the Rogues (whom Amanda and I just adore) and then followed them to watch the Scots rebel. Queen Margaret won them back eventually, and then it started POURING DOWN RAIN. After spending about 20 minutes stuck in a clothing shoppe (thank god!) I decided I'd had enough of hiding and watching Amanda play around in the rain (which was still coming down in buckets) I decided I too needed some breeches. So I managed to crawl out of my hoop and skirt (which weighs more than 10 pounds, mind) and into a pair of red breeches. They gave me a trashbag that I stuffed my skirt and camera into, and we ran everything to the car again. By then I had my shoes, my breeches, my blouse, and my bodice. My shoes are still caked in mud, even as I type more than two weeks later. We saw the last Queen Anne's Lace Tart Show, then walked around until the closing ceremony.

JUST BEFORE THE CLOSING CEREMONY - Amanda and I were walking by the gates, when she spotted Charles Brandon, the Duke of Sussex (what his real name is I do not know, but we know him as Lord Brandon). Due to an encounter earlier in the season, I ran the other way and blushed like a school girl. Amanda, damn her, walked up to him and started talking. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but they were looking at me and smiling so I just had to go over and see what they were saying. I forget what Amanda said to me, but I do remember that Lord Brandon, bless him, told me I was pretty even though I was soaking wet and covered in mud from the knees down. He accused me, very gently, of changing clothes to hide from him (I'd been in a different costume when we first met) and then went on and on about how I had nothing to fear from him, and how I shouldn't be embarrassed. And he told Amanda to stop taking advantage of me, since I was obviously such a sweet, defenseless person. He told her to watch out for me. Then he kissed my hand. Again. And I turned pink and ran away like a giddy schoolgirl.

The last 30 minutes we spent sitting on a bench a little ways away from Lord Brandon, me with my back to him, Amanda facing us both and stealing glances between us the entire time simply to make me blush (again). When the time came we rose and watched while King Henry addressed us and Queen Anne closed the season. There were pies involved. Then we joined hands and sang the song and chanted the chant and clapped like mad for the last time that year.

We stayed after nealy an hour, watching as the Rogues and some of the players danced and jigged. It was wonderful. We even joined in on a line dance. A few of the Ladies started it, then invited the crowd to jump in, and Amanda was the first person to take them up on their offer, hauling me along with her.

All in all, probably the second best day I've ever had at Scarborough, and a more than worthy way to close the season. Sadly, I have no pictures of anything after it started raining because I wasn't willing ot risk my camera. What I wouldn't have given for a waterproof one.

Still need to upload pics from last day.

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