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Day Seven: a female character that needs more screen

Jo and Ellen Harvelle (Supernatural)
"I just run a saloon."

Supernatural is sort of notorious for shunting its female characters aside by having them die horrendously, and the two whose... shunting I regret the most are the most are the lovely mother-daughter duo that is Jo and Ellen. I'm still so, so bitter over how they ended, though completely unsurprised, and the few times they did manage to get into the action they were mostly just facilitators for the boys but they still just radiated awesome. I'll be the first to admit to loving Sam and Dean, but I also love me some ladies, and these two had such potential to be total badasses. I still smile watching the scene in which they're introduced, and I still get weepy and sad watching them die together. 

I'm also still really, really bitter that Jo and Dean never did it. It's my Biggest Regret for the whole show. Don't judge me.

In conclusion! I want more Jo and Ellen and I know I'll never get it, but God help me I still crave it! SOMEONE GET ME MORE JO AND ELLEN!
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Day Six: favorite female-driven show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
"You have fruit punch mouth."

I think... maybe some people will argue with me over this choice? I don't know, but I stand by. The titular character is female, more than half of the main cast is female, they're all really fucking awesome, and I have always, always loved this show, even - nay, especially! - when it was ridiculous. I love the monster-of-the-week episodes, and the overarching plots, and the dialog and just... everything.

(Okay, so the fact that Buffy took Spike back after the attempted rape never really sat well with me, but in the grand scope of insane, sexist things Whedon has done, I think that's fairly small.)

In the end, it's really just a show about a girl growing up and learning who she is. The fact that she also fights vampires and the forces of darkness is really just a cool bonus.
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Day 3: favorite female character in a canon you gave up on

Mouse (ReBoot)
"One more step and I'll sub-divide you..."
Did anyone else watch ReBoot religiously as a kid? Was anyone else half as in love as I was? Do you remember countless Saturday mornings watching our favorite Mainframers fend off their Viral enemies? Did you come home from school and turn on Toonmami, eager to relive the wacky (and sometimes poignant) adventures of Bob, Dot, and the gang? GUYS WAS MOUSE NOT JUST A TOTAL BAMF?!?!?!

If the answer to any or all of these questions was a resounding Yes! then you also likely still carry the heart-breaking, soul-crushing agony that was caused by Season Four.

(Okay, actually, I really liked Daemon Rising, I just wish the last 4 episodes and 13 seconds had never happened [though I still would have really liked to see the end of Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus.].)

 From the very first time she opened her mouth in The Great Brain Robbery to the very last scene in the Principal Office, I have loved every second of Mouse. Escape artist and hacker extraordinaire, mercenary-turned-friend, with a syrupy sweet southern accent, a propensity for calling people "sugah", and arms like a linebacker - SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT HER ARMS! (I would quote a fic right now, but I don't think anyone but Jen would get it) - Mouse is by and far my favorite ReBoot character!

All the characters (yes, even grumpy Matrix) ladies on this show are completely awesome, but what initially drew me to Mouse was how she was entirely unlike me in every way possible (except maybe height?). She's aggressive, physical, fearless, smart, confident, and completely the best at what she does (which is being a badass). She's always two steps ahead of everyone. She rubs Dot the wrong way - before they become best friends - and flirts with Bob constantly. TWICE (yes, TWICE!) she's instigates a Classic Hollywood-style kiss - and she's the one who does the dipping! She protects Mainframe from Daemon's invasion, and banishes Megabyte to the web. SHE'S GOT A MOTHER-FUCKING KATANA. IN HER BOOT. ARE YOU IN LOVE YET?

I also absolutely love her character design. ReBoot is known for things like bold color contrasts and strong shapes when it comes to characters, and I think they did a really spectacular job with Mouse. Her staticky hair is just fabulous. I love that she's tall, and buff, and a little unkempt. I love that she has fangs.

I love the first three and a half seasons of this show, and Mouse is a big part of that. I just really, really wish it hadn't all gone to... hell, or wherever it is that soap operas go to die. It was soooooooo good...
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Day 2: favorite supporting female character

Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
"Rose of the noble castle, Power of Dios that sleeps within me..."
Anthy wasn't my original choice for this slot, but after the last entry I realized the criteria I'd been using was a little out of whack (because I wanted to include as many of my wide-ranging fandoms as possible) and when I reassessed things, choosing Anthy was just like choosing Utena: not even really a choice at all.

I didn't really like Anthy all that much at first. I found her mostly strange and... droll. I was invested in what happened to her, but only as far as it affected Utena. By the end of the series - as those who've seen it can attest - I had come to realize that it was as much (or possibly moreso) Anthy's story as Utena's. Utena is the means, but Anthy is the end - and God, I just wanted to give the poor girl a hug!

She's quiet, but diligent, and very, very observant of the people and relationships around her. She's a flawed, tragic character haunted by a past mistake made out of strong but selfish love for the person closest to her. She's been paying for it every day since, in the worst ways possible (seriously, she must get slappED like a dozen times throughout the show, and don't even get me started on the abuses Akio has heaped on her), but somehow - SOMEHOW! - she finds the strength inside herself (with Utena's help) to take that first step away from him.

No matter how many times I've seen it, I still get chills. When Anthy opens her heart and finds the courage to stand up to Akio and say "I'm leaving, brother," I sort of wanna cry a little. It's such a fulfilling moment. I cheered through ever little victory she ever scored against Akio and the people who hurt her, and for her to finally break free of her prison - in that moment I really and truly adore her.
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Guys I am such a bandwagoner... but really, it's a meme about Awesome Ladies, and I do love me some Awesome Ladies. I'm not even gonna TRY and be original with formatting: I'm totally copying [livejournal.com profile] artemisrae because I really dig the way she's doing this.

Day One: favorite lead female character

Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
"... but so impressed was she, the Princess decided to become a Prince herself one day..."
I honestly don't think there are words in the English language to describe exactly how I feel about this series or about this character, but hey, I'ma try anyways.

Once I sat down and took a better look at this meme, I realized there were lots of female characters I loved, many of whom would not make it in, and I had to really think some things through (because Lord knows memes are the end all, be all and must be considered very carefully!!!). This choice, however, wasn't even really a choice. Utena has always been one of my favorite characters in any piece of fiction EVER, and it took almost no thinking to come to the conclusion that she is quite possibly my favorite female character of all time.

When I came to the series, over ten years ago now, I was journeying through that tumultuous place every young teenager has to traverse - the transition from childhood into slightly-more-adulthood. I still wasn't very interested in the opposite sex, or the same sex, or any kind of sex really. All I wanted to do was play with my friends and be awesome. So when I came across a series whose titular character wore boys clothes, fought duels with a sword, and completely ignored any and all attention of a more than platonic nature that came her way... well, can you really blame me for falling so hard?

Even amongst a cast chock-full of awesome Ladies, Utena shines. She's kind, and wants to see the best in everybody, but she's also just and intolerant of cruelty. She's courageous and fiercely protective of her friends. She embraces her own unconventional ways as well as the unconventional ways of others. She takes the hurts of her past and looks towards a better future. She's selfless and moral and a million other awesome things that I strive to be every day I AM SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO START FLAILING.

She's a strong, amazing young woman from an equally amazing show that has some interesting things to say about philosophy, love, and growing up.

And I really, really love her.

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